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What is Gastroparesis?

Gastroparesis is a paralysis of the stomach muscles which can lead to a delayed emptying of food and problems with digestion. This may occur as a result of surgery, medication, diabetes or other medical disorders which can damage the nerves in the stomach and prevent normal functioning.

What are the symptoms of Gastroparesis?

People with gastroparesis commonly experience nausea, vomiting and early feelings of fullness because of the buildup of undigested food in the stomach. Some people may also experience bloating, heartburn, weight loss and a lack of appetite. Symptoms usually occur a few hours after eating.

What treatment options are available for Gastroparesis?

There is no cure for gastroparesis, so treatment focuses on managing the condition and controlling symptoms. Dietary changes such as eating smaller, more frequent meals and low-fiber and low-fat foods can help alleviate the digestion process and minimize symptoms. Medications such as anti-emetics and prokinetics can help this condition as well, but may cause side effects and must be used carefully. New treatment options are being explored for managing gastroparesis.

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